Traditional Estate Fencing

We also offer a variety of gates, tree guards and fencing accessories.

Who We Are

Inspired by the traditional fencing of Ardagh Heritage Village, Ardagh Estate Fencing specialise in Traditional Estate Fencing, also known as Park Fencing, suitable for boundaries, driveways, entrances and estate grounds.

Estate Fencing in Ardagh

Estate Fencing

Estate Fencing is generally used in rural areas including homes, parks, walkways and more. It is constructed from round and flat steel bars and ours is supplied in a galvanised finish, ready for painting.

Estate Fencing in Northern Ireland

Gates, Guards, Accessories

Field Gates

We offer a range of field gates to suit your requirements.

Entrance Gates

Ardagh Estate Fencing has a range of high quality Entrance Gates.

Tree Guards

Tree Guards will enhance and protect trees from damage.


We offer a range of accessories for gates and fencing.